Wednesday, April 1, 2009

38 week update!!!

Today was my 38 week appt. and my blood pressure was extremely high again. My doctor informed me that she believes that I have a mild case of toxemia and felt it would be best if I was admitted to labor and delivery for monitoring for the next 23 hours. If I am still feeling bad she plans on inducing tomorrow. But, if everything looks ok then she will induce early next week. Evan and I are staying at the hospital over night and will see the doctor early tomorrow morning.

My headaches from the toxemia are still very intense and do not go away with medicine, though it does take the edge off. My blood pressure is fine for now and my blood work came back clear. They performed and sonogram and checked Audrey's diaphragm. The nurse said the results were great! The technician said that she is measuring 7.2 lbs + - a pound.

So, hopefully we will know more in the morning. I will keep you posted!


Thomas and Jamie said...

Okay - so we're dying here! I'm wondering now if you haven't posted because you're pushing or because you are trying to store up energy to do so!! I know this is the LAST thing on your mind right now, as it should be, but even if you read this AFTER you're holding that beautiful baby girl in your arms, just know we're praying RIGHT NOW!!!

Anonymous said...

Good Luck! We are thinking and praying for you and your family.