Wednesday, March 25, 2009

37 week appt.

No progress .... but, my blood pressure is getting higher and higher each dr.'s visit. It started last week and then this week it was even higher. After taking my blood pressure I had to lay on my left side for them to take it again. They said it had gone down a tad, but it is definitely something to watch for.

I have to admit I am bummed that NOTHING has happened. I'm going to work on trying to stay busy in hopes that these last few weeks go by fast. Each day just drags on longer then the day before. I am so anxious to meet her and spend time with family and friends.

It also doesn't help that I am also extremely emotional lately. I cry over everything and blow up over anything. Everything just seems like such a big deal, even when it really isn't. My sweet husband has been so understanding and supportive. He just listens and is a great encouragement to me.

I am so thankful for Audrey. She is already such a blessing to the both of us. I'm anxious to meet her but I know in my heart that God's timing is always perfect.

I hope you have a wonderful week! My next appt. is April 1st!


Thomas and Jamie said...

Your feelings are COMPLETELY normal, Nicole! I felt the SAME WAY! Just remember, there is a REASON that God is keeping her where she's at right now!! I know that's little consolation, but from a mother who's been there...try to stay patient and not get overly anxious!!

Rachel said...

I have to say I am surprised you have not progressed. How high is your blood pressure? I know that is scary, but hopefully they will not have to induce. I am praying for you and sweet Audrey. I cannot wait to see that beautiful little girl!

The Leuenberger's said...

Hi Nicole...thanks for saying hi. Good luck to you and your little Audrey. What a precious name! I'm sorry to hear you've had some problem s with your blood pressure...hopefully that will not be a problem in the future and all will be well. Know that God is taking care of it all and He is protecting your precious little girl.