Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Another Entry!

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Monday, December 15, 2008

Back Porch Candle Co.

This company sells the best candles. I am one of those people that love their candles to be strong and to burn for a long time. My mom introduced me to these candles and I can't get enough of them. They make the whole house smell wonderful! -- I am currently the owner of 3 and know I will be adding more to my collection shortly. So, if you have some time head over to downtown Wylie and pick up one or you can order one here, at their store website.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Audrey's Nursery

Audrey's nursery is definitely a work in progress. Evan has worked so hard painting, adding new light fixtures, new doors, crown molding, baseboards, and new outlets. Thanks to Sandra's decorating expertise and Evan's remolding abilities Audrey is going to have a darling nursery.

Saturday morning began with a quick run to home depot and lots of painting. The walls and ceiling were painted a creamy white with the one wall painted pink.

Sandra suggested to paint the one wall pink. We matched the light pink dot on the polka dot pattern on her bedding. Soon, this wall will have 3 large full print damask prints going down the wall off centered. I am anxious to see how it looks.

All the crown molding and baseboards

Sandra also suggested having one painted piece in the nursery. Just after our meeting I found this display table at a children's clothing store that was going out of business. I'm not sure how we will paint it, but I loved the distressed look and style of this table.

On to the crown....

Our friends Eric and Chris and his dad Dennis came over on Sunday to help with the crown. Crown is such a hard thing to do. Your cuts have to be so precise, but when you have two builders on hand the job can get done!

This picture was taken right after it was put up. After Evan finished caulking and painting over the nail holes we were a little disappointed how the crown looked against the white walls. It just blended in. Chris suggested painting the crown in a high gloss. Evan finished that Thursday night and that did the trick! (I'll have to post a picture of that soon)

Notice the new ceiling fan.....

Swatches from Audrey's Bedding....

It matches!!!...

This weekend's project : New Baseboards

Pictures of Audrey's Room Coming Soon.....

I need a blog makeover!

I would love a free blog makeover! Fabulous K creates some of the best blog designs I have seen. She is having a free giveaway for a free blog makeover. Check it out here

The winner will be announced Friday, December 19

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Precious Song

I have always been a huge fan of Watermark. A little too huge at times...but none the less God has always spoken to me through their music. Christy Nockels and her husband always write songs about their children. First Noah's Song, then now Elliana's Song. When we found out we were having a girl, I immediately thought about this song and even told Chrys about it on our way home from the hospital. -- It is explains every mother's heart completely. Here are the lyrics:

Elliana's Song

Baby woman, tiny in stature now
But your heart is a treasure
Little princess come follow behind me now
I am reaching for you

Elliana, God has answered my prayers
Elliana, God will conquer my fears
To mother a daughter, to look you in the eye
To know that I had everything, to walk with you in life
To give you to Jesus that He would impart
The wisdom that I'm longing for to mother your heart
Elliana, God has answered my prayers

There will be others to lead and to guide you girl
But only one you'll call Mother, the honor is all mine
To show you what a woman's like
I'm so glad you're mine


Tenderness of God is twirling around
In our living room tonight
Lighten up your daddy's eyes
And know that he just wants to freeze you in time


Precious Audrey, we can't wait to meet you....

Monday, November 24, 2008

Its a Girl!

We are so excited to announce that we are having a baby girl! I wish I had good sonogram pictures to put up here, but they are terrible. Evan and I can't see anything on them!

We bought some new clothes for her that included precious bows! We can't wait!


The Gooch's

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

The big day is almost here! November 24, 2008

We went to the doctor yesterday and everything looks great! We go back on the 24th to have our next sonogram and find out the sex! :) We are so excited!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Girly Girl!

I'm dying to know the sex of our baby. It is killing me.

I keep having dreams about a girl and really wonder if this could be a sign. In my first dream I was decorating her room and couldn't quite get the curtains right. In the next dream Evan and I were getting a sonogram of the baby and the technician announced it was a girl!

I went to Canton, Texas (First Monday) this weekend and there were so many amazing things for little girls!

One vendor was "The Hollywood Ranch" -- www.hollywoodranch.com another was puppiesandpigtails.com -- I kept their business card just in case!:)

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

New Sonogram Pictures!

The baby had great movement! Amazing!

Sunday, September 28, 2008


After reading through my last post I wanted to laugh because I honestly had no idea the effect this hurricane would have on us. That night the hurricane knocked out our power around 2:30 Saturday morning and little did we know it would be out until Monday of the following week- 10 full days without power. We were blessed to stay safe during the storm and nothing happen to our house. That Saturday afternoon Evan and I and his co-worker Eric (who is a good friend from college and who was also in our wedding) headed to Dallas for a week. The break that Ike gave to me was much needed! I had so much fun in Dallas! I even cried the whole way back to Houston because I did not want to leave. Dallas is home to me. I loved getting to see friends such as Chrys and her two boys, Jennifer and Austin, Angie, Trichelle, Casey, baby Parker and spending time with my mom and dad. I had a blast and did not want to return to the reality of work and life away from friends and family.
As I've gotten older I've learned to appreciate relationships with friends and family so much more. They are all you have. Thank you again for everyone being such great hosts! We had a blast.
Tuesday, is my next doctors appt. -- I'm so excited about hearing the baby's heartbeat again and making sure everything is ok! -- April can't come soon enough!

Please comment if you are keeping up with the blog! I want to hear from you!

Friday, September 12, 2008

Sonogram Pictures!

Sonogram pictures at 7 1/2 Weeks! - Due Date: April 16, 2009

These photos were taken on September 2nd at our first appointment. After all the questions and paper work I was anxious to get to the sonogram part. It was amazing to watch the baby move and see his/her heartbeat. The technician was very friendly and showed us the blood flow from my body through the umbilical cord into the baby. They have a button that they push and shows the blood pumping through the babies body in red/blue. It was amazing! Here is a picture to give you an idea.
I was also anxious to get my blood work back to make sure everything was fine. I got a call last week and my nurse said everything looked wonderful except my thyroid was a little off. It was not producing like it should, but was only off slightly. She said I have what is called "hypo thyroid" that can be brought upon by pregnancy or may have been something I've had for a while that was just never detected. After looking into the symptoms I have a feeling this is something I had before I was pregnant. One of the symptoms is always feeling fatigued or tired. For anyone who knows me, knows I always take naps and sleep for long periods of time. After just a few days of taking my thyroid medicine I feel great! I have so much more energy and am so thankful this was discovered and can be treated.

Many friends and family have been calling to check on us during hurricane Ike. My school was closed today. Ike is due to make land fall this evening. The winds have been very strong all day and have continued to pick up through the evening. I'm not sure what we will see tonight or tomorrow.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Strange Pains!

Early last week... I started to have horrible arm pit pain in my right arm pit. It felt as if I had pulled a muscle. It was very strange. I asked Evan to look it up and soon as he punched in "Arm Pit Pain Pregnant" tons of items popped up! I guess this isn't so rare after all. The pain went away after a few days and I was very thankful. A week from Tuesday is our first appointment!

I've noticed how emotional I am becoming. I got so frustrated at church the other morning that I had to step out into the hallway... I was in tears! I knew why, but others didn't. I feel so on edge and it is hard to calm my emotions down once they are stirred.

I haven't gotten sick but have become nauseas in the mornings and some throughout the day when I do not eat.

I am so excited to meet this baby. I have so many questions
  • I wonder if he/she will have black hair like Evan
  • Will they be tender hearted like me?
  • I wonder if he/she will be creative like Evan and have his passion for learning?
I am always asking Evan questions about the things he enjoyed as a child. Over the 4th of July holiday Evan's mom showed me him and his sisters clothes and blankets from when they were young. She even showed me the pictures of him in the same outfits!

Saturday, August 16, 2008

We are expecting!

On August 7, 2008 Evan and I got the exciting news that we were expecting from an unexpected place. I had been having some pain on my right side that I assumed was cramping. The pain started two days earlier and continued to get worse. That morning around 3am the pain was the worst it had ever been. I couldn't sleep and I knew I had to do something. I told Evan what I was feeling and that I needed to see a doctor. We went to the emergency clinic down the street. Their staff was amazing and took wonderful care of us! To my surprise it was like a mini - ER. They hooked me up to an IV, ran blood and urine tests to see what was wrong. They were worried that it could be my appendix. After the blood tests were ran the nurse came in and told us the exciting news, but not knowing what the pain was we were reluctant to celebrate right away. They were going to do a CAT scan but since I had registered positive they called in the sonogram technician. They said the sonogram looked great. They could not see a "fetus pull" because I wasn't far enough along but my lining was thick and there was lots fluid. Come to find out after all of this I just had a really bad UTI. I was given safe antibiotics and sent home around 7:30 am. It was quite a morning!

That afternoon I made an appointment with my doctor for Sept 2nd. ---And let me tell you that day can't come soon enough! I am so excited to see the heartbeat and our babies first picture! I pray that the baby is healthy and everything is growing and developing right on track!

It is amazing the pregnancy symptoms that have already occurred.
  • Going to the Bathroom at 3 am every night!
  • Strange cravings-- Meat (any kind) and cheese!
  • Slight nausea (My medicine makes me sick)
  • Sensitivity to smells (I tried to go grocery shopping the other day and it was awful.. it made me so sick at my stomach to smell all the fruits, fish, cheese, coffee, etc.)
Evan and I are so excited about the journey ahead. We pray daily for this special baby that we have been given. We don't take this responsibility lightly and pray for wisdom daily. I hope to update this blog frequently with all the news regarding Baby Gooch--- I don't want to forget a thing!

I believe I am about 5 1/2 weeks along! Our ba
by is between the size of a sesame seed and lentil