Tuesday, December 29, 2009

New Bedding!

Evan and I have decided to use our christmas money to purchase new bedding. I want our bedroom to be funky/eclectic/semi-formal. I believe I know which bedding I'm going to go with but I thought I would poll the audience and see what the viewers think. :).... ( I do realize my taste may be very different for some of you)

I will post a poll off to the side.

Bedding Choice 1.) I believe this one is my favorite. When I was looking for choice #2 I ran across it and loved it. If I were to purchase this one, I would paint our bedroom to match the green on the border of the pillows. It also reminds me of a cute boutique in "Old Town Spring" - I would also include antique mirrors/ empty frames/ branches etc. What I also love about this one is it puts me out of my comfort zone and incorporates new colors into our home.

Bedding Choice 2.)
I like #2 for many of the same reasons as #1, but my only hang up is it looks very similar to our guest bedroom bedding and is a little safe for me.

Bedding Choice 3.)
This one is my least favorite, but I love this room and its decor!!... The bedding is a tad more modern then I would like, but paired with the color of the room and the decor - I'm sold! I wouldn't mind putting this set on a guest bed.


Audrey's First ChristmasWith being out of town Dec. 19- 27th Evan and I decided to have our "own" family Christmas before we left on our journey across Texas. We discussed traditions we would like to continue each year such as letting our children open one gift on Christmas Eve.

Audrey's gift first gift was a pair of toy keys!

For dinner Evan and I had blue cheese burgers, chips, queso, guacamole, and grilled stuffed jalapenos.

Audrey's cookies for Santa
which he enjoyed thoroughly ;)

Audrey's goodies from Santa - Her big gift was a new car seat (not pictured)

Christmas morning!!

Stay tuned for more pictures from our Christmas in Dallas, Amarillo, and Lubbock. Yes, we did get stuck in the 287 traffic through Wichita Falls on Christmas Day, but thankfully it only took us 10 hours (normally 6) because we turned around and used our navigation system to bypass the city. It was awful!! Needless to say the car ride was pretty tense, but Evan did a great job and the Lord blessed us with safe travel to Dallas.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Christmas Wreaths!

I'm a faithful blog stalker of Pearls, Handcuffs, and Happy Hour


and the other morning I saw this post and knew I had to make a wreath! I showed Sandra and she agreed!... We got together and made some fabulous wreaths. Then Sandra got the idea to make letters!! ... She helped me make this precious "A" that will be apart of the decor for Audrey's First Birthday.


Thursday, December 3, 2009

Our blog is going private!

After much prayer and a good conversation with my best friend I have decided to go private. I feel like going private would keep me accountable to my intentions behind blogging in the first place. I have definitely struggled with comparison when it comes to reading blogs and blogging. Some of the blogs that I read have lives that look rather "perfect". I admit, I have wanted portray this image on my blog as well, but this is definitely not my heart. My hopes for our blog is for it to be a documentation of how Audrey is growing, how our family is changing, and the exciting things we are up to these days.

If you would like to keep reading please send me an e-mail at nicole.gooch@gmail.com or leave a message with your e-mail so that I may send you an invite.

I am definitely a blog stalker myself and am not opposed to adding someone that I don't "know", but would love to know how you found our blog!

Here is a picture of Audrey and Annabelle (My best friend Jennifer's little girl who is 3 months) ... Audrey is 8 months old in this picture!! She is growing up so fast! I apologize for the white space my parents scanner/computer is not working.