Sunday, September 28, 2008


After reading through my last post I wanted to laugh because I honestly had no idea the effect this hurricane would have on us. That night the hurricane knocked out our power around 2:30 Saturday morning and little did we know it would be out until Monday of the following week- 10 full days without power. We were blessed to stay safe during the storm and nothing happen to our house. That Saturday afternoon Evan and I and his co-worker Eric (who is a good friend from college and who was also in our wedding) headed to Dallas for a week. The break that Ike gave to me was much needed! I had so much fun in Dallas! I even cried the whole way back to Houston because I did not want to leave. Dallas is home to me. I loved getting to see friends such as Chrys and her two boys, Jennifer and Austin, Angie, Trichelle, Casey, baby Parker and spending time with my mom and dad. I had a blast and did not want to return to the reality of work and life away from friends and family.
As I've gotten older I've learned to appreciate relationships with friends and family so much more. They are all you have. Thank you again for everyone being such great hosts! We had a blast.
Tuesday, is my next doctors appt. -- I'm so excited about hearing the baby's heartbeat again and making sure everything is ok! -- April can't come soon enough!

Please comment if you are keeping up with the blog! I want to hear from you!

Friday, September 12, 2008

Sonogram Pictures!

Sonogram pictures at 7 1/2 Weeks! - Due Date: April 16, 2009

These photos were taken on September 2nd at our first appointment. After all the questions and paper work I was anxious to get to the sonogram part. It was amazing to watch the baby move and see his/her heartbeat. The technician was very friendly and showed us the blood flow from my body through the umbilical cord into the baby. They have a button that they push and shows the blood pumping through the babies body in red/blue. It was amazing! Here is a picture to give you an idea.
I was also anxious to get my blood work back to make sure everything was fine. I got a call last week and my nurse said everything looked wonderful except my thyroid was a little off. It was not producing like it should, but was only off slightly. She said I have what is called "hypo thyroid" that can be brought upon by pregnancy or may have been something I've had for a while that was just never detected. After looking into the symptoms I have a feeling this is something I had before I was pregnant. One of the symptoms is always feeling fatigued or tired. For anyone who knows me, knows I always take naps and sleep for long periods of time. After just a few days of taking my thyroid medicine I feel great! I have so much more energy and am so thankful this was discovered and can be treated.

Many friends and family have been calling to check on us during hurricane Ike. My school was closed today. Ike is due to make land fall this evening. The winds have been very strong all day and have continued to pick up through the evening. I'm not sure what we will see tonight or tomorrow.