Thursday, June 10, 2010

Audrey’s Nursery Update

I never posted pictures of Audrey’s finished nursery. I absolutely love it! And definitely had help from Sandra Ludy. I have added a few things over the year and still have many picture frames to fill. I definitely miss her bumpers being in her bed… but love the room none the less! (I apologize for the lighting… our house has terrible lighting for pictures)


IMG_2837 IMG_2838


My mom made this precious doll for Audrey… I love it! It has been requested as gifts by many of my friends!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Foggy Lense

Evan and I wanted to get pictures of Audrey before church on Sunday. But, with the humidity here it was just not happening!



A summer favorite!

IMG_2804 IMG_2806


More please!


A mess!

Using a spoon!

I really want to broaden Audrey’s diet. I want to move away from toddler food and into “real meals”. Since Evan usually eats a big lunch he isn’t always hungry when he gets home, so Audrey and I kinda just do our own thing for dinner.  She has a toddler meal with fruit and I usually just eat a sandwich and soup or a frozen dinner.

But this summer I want to change things and start making homemade dinners. I LOVE to cook so it felt so good to get back in the kitchen. (Which by the way, I have cleaned top to bottom. It feels amazing!)





Success! She loved the meal and loved using a spoon!