Wednesday, May 19, 2010

New Blog Layout!

My friend from high school Amy did my new blog layout for FREE! I love it and appreciate all of her hard work. If you are interested in having her design a layout for you head on over to 926 Designs she would love to help you out!

I need to post some recent pictures of Audrey soon. The problem is… I haven’t taken any. She is growing up soo fast! I will try and take some today!… She is walking every where these days and I love it! Everyone seems to always warn moms about children getting “mobile”, but honestly I love it! She can entertain herself so much easier. I am thoroughly enjoying this stage. She is also talking a lot.

  • She says "Hello” and holds her hand or anything she is holding up to her ear like a phone.
  • She says “Bye Bye” to everyone and waves along with it.
  • Makes the baby sign for milk and says “mmm”
  • “Bath”
  • “Momma” “Dadda”
  • I believe the other day she said “elmo” – Her new favorite!

Ive definitely gotten into the “nesting phase” and its paying off! I’m cleaning out everything! It is taking me forever to clean each room in our house, but it so worth it. I have bags and bags of things to take to Goodwill and am enjoying our organized clean lifestyle. :) I want to get my house organized and clean before this baby comes. I know I still have a while, but time is flying by!

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Ingrid_3Bs said...

I love the new layout and colors! She did a great job! I need to check her out.