Friday, May 14, 2010

Its a GIRL!!!

Many of you knew from Facebook that we are having another girl! I was not prepared to hear this one at all! But, the sono-tech is about 95% sure. I have to admit that is what it looked like to me!

I’m excited about this new journey. In my head I did not see us having two girls, but after getting over the initial shock, I was thrilled! I can’t wait for all the matching clothes, bows, pink and all things girly that come with sisters!! God knew this all along and He has great plans for our family and two beautiful little girls!

I am anxious to name this precious baby, but Evan and I are both having a hard time. The names we really like right now are Ava and Madeline. I would really like an A name to go with Audrey. Ava and Audrey go great together, but I’m definitely open to anything. Other names that have been tossed around are Ella and Harper. We are using the middle name Marie. If you have any names.. please share! I would love any ideas you have!

I met a little girl today and her name was Emery. I really like that name, but I don’t want  two names ending in“ey”.



Randi said...

Congrats! Little girl stuff is so cute, and now to be able to buy it for two fun!! :) I like the name Ava, that is super cute!

Thomas and Jamie said...

YEA for another precious princess!!! Hey - if you like Madeline, but you want another "A" name, what about Adilyn? I have a good blog friend at with a daughter named Adilyn and I just LOVE that!

Randi said...

I love your new blog template. Did you do it yourself? It is soo cute!