Tuesday, April 6, 2010

More of Audrey’s Birthday Decor!

We have been working so hard on Audrey’s party! It is definitely coming together and I feel like we are almost to the end. Here are some more pictures of the decor we have been working on. 



These two branches are spray painted glossy black and will be framing the “A”. We will be getting the tables for this room on Friday. There are pink ornaments and clear crystals hanging from the branches with reindeer moss as a filler in the pot.


This will be the main center piece on the food table along with a black table cloth and cut at “a"’s scattered across the table. The filler in these jars are watermelon sour candies!! IMG_2750



           Rock candy as the giveaway!

*** Thank you soo much for all your advice on the morning sickness. I am definitely going to try your suggestions and am going to talk to the Dr. on Thursday about getting medicine.

Tomorrow is precious Audrey’s First Birthday!!

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Amy said...

Girly and classy all at the same time. LOVE it!