Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Audrey’s First Birthday!

I made the mistake of not taking any pictures myself and just relying on others. My best friend got some of the best, but I should have taken some detail shots of the decor. Oh, well… I will know next time! Only I knew what I wanted!---Such as a family picture of all 3 of us! I can’t believe we never got one!!

We had a great time! Wth every ones help the party went so smoothly! I wasn’t stressed during a bit!


We (Sandra and I) draped satin off white fabric across the back wall. We decorated it with rhinestones, but you cannot tell in these pictures. We sprayed flower pots silver and put black gloss painted branches inside. The stuffing at the bottom was reindeer moss. We hung jewels and ornaments from branches.


aaudreys cake

Audrey’s smash cake framed with polka dot tissue and pink tulle. 



12 black and white photos from each month!



Each serving table had a black table cloth with cut out “A”’s scattered across the table. The glass candle holders are filled with watermelon sour candies!! I love the way they turned out.




Cake Time!


Blowing out candles!


Precious girl!





Some of the Mom’s and their babies


Friend’s from Texas A&M!

Thank you to everyone who helped out! Audrey’s birthday was a success!

I will be adding some more pictures, when I get a chance. I’m exhausted and I know Evan has lots on his computer.


austin said...

There was one of the three of you! The one where ya'll are blowing out the candles. That was precious!!!

Amy said...

So much thought went into the details, and it just really all looks amazing!! Sorry for replying to your comment so late - I haven't checked the blog in a while. Yes, I made my own layout and of course I'd make one for you! Just send me a message on Facebook or e-mail me at with the colors you like, whether you prefer scrapbook or modern style, any wording or pictures you'd like, and we'll go from there! :)

Amy said...

*or vintage style

Or I can base it around a picture that caught your eye (be it Audrey's party, a table cloth, a flower arrangement, etc.)

Heather said...

How beautiful! Love the pictures on the wall and the flower on the cake, great touches!
Heather @