Thursday, April 8, 2010

Dr. Appt #1!

Our doctors appointment went well today! The baby’s heartbeat was 142 (less that Audrey’s first appt at 160) and everything looked good!

We opted for the down syndrome screening and genetic testing that comes with an extra ultra sound at 13 weeks. My Dr. does not do this sonogram in her office, she sends you to another area in the hospital for this ultrasound. She said the technician who does it is telling all of her patients what they are having at 13 weeks! My Dr. said at first she was very weary of this, but that the technician has not been wrong with any of her patients. I am thrilled! We will possibly know what we are having in 5 weeks!!

With Audrey we had the same ultrasound performed and the technician said she didn’t “see anything”. I should have trusted her and knew then it was a girl.  Because 7 weeks later we found out we were having Audrey!!

I will post a picture soon! Off to clean clean clean! All of our family and friends are driving in tomorrow! It is going to be a BIG weekend!


Kimberly said...

have fun this weekend!

b said...
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