Friday, January 15, 2010

Show Us How You Live

 "Show Us How You Live" Friday from Kelly's Korner 

Topic: Weight Loss Tips, Diets, Workout Ideas

#1) With Audrey I gained a ton of weight - 60 pounds to be exact. I am proud to say I have lost it all... now I'm working on the 10-20 I put on in the beginning of our marriage. I am no stranger to diets. I have struggled with my weight my whole life. When it came to losing my daunting baby weight I chose to breastfeed which definitely helped! Along with a program called "Naturally Slim" . Anyone who knows me knows I am a HUGE fan of this program and believe it is worth every penny. I  took the class in Dallas when I was in high school and loved it! I lost 14 pounds in 7 weeks - eating what I wanted. The program is about not  "what you eat, but when and how you eat it". They now offer online classes and I would highly recommend it. I could talk and talk about this program. The personal attention I received was wonderful. If I had any questions I would e-mail the director personally and received first hand help and accountability. 

#2) Water - refreshing and definitely helps keep the pounds down.

#3) Walk with a friend. - This summer and early fall I walked 3 days a week with a friend from our neighborhood. It definitely helped! We held each other accountable and it made the time go by so much faster having someone to talk too. 

Best Wishes!

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The Calhoun Clique said...

Isn't it awesome how breastfeeding helps you loose weight. It's nice because you are going to do it anyways, so it is just an added bonus! I love going walking and running too, but this cold weather has been messing me up. Good luck with loosing the rest, I want to loose 10 or so more too.

I read one of your old posts and saw you have family in Lubbock and Dallas. I live in Dallas and I went to Texas Tech!