Monday, January 4, 2010

Christmas in Amarillo & Lubbock

We left for our trip the Saturday before Christmas and headed to Mimi and Pops house in Dallas to stay the night (to break up the trip). Then we left early Sunday morning and headed to Amarillo to spend time with Gigi and Gramps. We were there from Sunday - Friday (Christmas Day)
They took us to the park by their house which Audrey loved! Her new favorite thing to do is swing! She laughs the whole time.

Not so sure about the slide with Daddy

Slide with GiGi

Their sink was perfect for baths! - I love this picture!

After cousins arrived on Tuesday we headed to Lubbock on Wednesday to visit both sets of Evan's grandparents. For some reason we did not bring our camera and I only got pictures at one house. Here is Audrey with her great granddad. He is so sweet to her!!

Parker and Audrey playing

Family photo

Precious bloomers Jenna gave to Audrey

Thursday was Evan's family immediate family Christmas. We started a new tradition with the kids Christmas first, then after they are put to bed, it is the adult's turn. It worked out perfectly. Audrey and Parker looked precious in their coordinating PJ's.

More pics to come!!

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She is the most adorable thing EVER!!!