Wednesday, March 11, 2009

35 Weeks

That is what I will be tomorrow! Still can't believe it! :) The doctor said nothing has progressed, so that is good, for now anyways! And the best news of all is that I was taken off of bedrest! I am thrilled, though I'm trying not to over do it. I definitely have to make a conscious effort to walk a little slower and to take deep breaths.

I am so incredibly ready for Audrey to be here. I cannot wait to meet her! Evan's mom is coming in town for the weekend and is going to help me wash, re-hang, and organize all of Audrey's clothes. I can't wait!

We are still waiting on the glider to come in, but it looks like it won't be in till my 37th week. It was ordered back in December. Very frustrating, but I know it will be worth it!

I'm hoping to update soon with pictures of all the work that we have recently done on the house! Evan has been working so hard!


Anonymous said...

Nicole I'm so proud of you!!! 35 weeks is such a huge milestone, especially with the early contractions you were feeling. I will continue to pray for you and little Audrey. I can't wait! If you don't mind could you please send me your address. I have some things that I would like to send to your precious girl. Take care of yourself and I'll be thinking about you.


The Dubs said...

I cannot believe she is almost here!!!! It seems like yesterday you just found out you were pregnant! I can't wait to meet her! Take it you!