Thursday, February 26, 2009

More Audrey Updates!

There is more?!? Oh yes! After my appt. on Tuesday that evening around 8:45 I began to have contractions. They were pretty intense, but I did not want to go up to labor and delivery. I just hate being one of those people that jumps at every little thing. Although my doctor had told me to go after finding out how low Audrey was. So I endured the contractions - they weren't THAT bad. I took some tylenol and finally fell asleep around 11:45 or so, but I was definitely tossing and turning all night. When Evan got up to get ready for work at 6:00 I was still having them. I was frustrated and told him I better go up to labor and delivery. I warned him that we may be there for a while. Once we got there I got hooked up to the monitors and the contractions showed up right away. They were about 10-15 min apart. - They then did a preterm labor screening which came back negative which means that Audrey will not come in the next two weeks! Great news! I was then checked which made my contractions come even closer together. This time they were every 7 min and created little perfect hills on the screen that were evenly spaced. ha. - To stop the contractions I was given a 3 shots and a pill orally. One shot was given every 20 min in each arm with the last shot I had to take the pill. Even after all this I was still having minor contractions and was sent home on bed rest for the next two days. - The medicine they gave me is terrible! It makes my heart race and gives me the jitters. - I started taking only 1/2 a pill every 4 hours and then I quit taking it. I haven't had any more contractions so we'll see. I'm hoping I can just take it easy and not have to take any more medicine. :)

Audrey is at station -2 and I am a tiny bit effaced. I pray everything can hold off till I reach full term.


Thomas and Jamie said...


I know EXACTLY what you are going through. This is EXACTLY what started happening to me at 28 weeks and the pills/shots SUCK SUCK SUCK!! I told my family they made me feel like I was on crack!!! Stick it out! You can do it!! Call me if you need anything - I'd be more than happy to tell you what you MIGHT expect!!! 806-577-7842

Thomas and Jamie said...

I finally had Malachi at 36w6d. Our doctor told me that if we could make it to 34 weeks, he would be THRILLED!! I was also given steroid shots when I was first put in the hospital with contractions. (I think it was 28 weeks along) I was put on bedrest IMMEDIATELY when my contractions started like that and stayed on bedrest until I had him. It wasn't FULL bedrest - I just stayed sitting most of the time. You're already WAY farther ahead than I don't get down! Even if you do have to go on bedrest, keep telling yourself it's for the BEST of the baby and that'll help you to get through. I was in a unique position in that I was actually dilated to a 2 and 30% effaced at 28 weeks. My dr. told me that when I got to a 5, he would break my water. That day came the same day I had Malachi! He was perfectly healthy, just little (5lbs 13oz!) Your little Audrey needs more time to grow inside! I hate to tell you this, but more than likely, you're in early labor. HOWEVER, before you get scared, I was in early labor for weeks before I had Malachi. AND, on top of everything, even if she was to be born soon, she'd stand an EXCELLENT chance of being just fine! Don't EVER hesitate to go to the hospital for monitoring and to get checked! I was in the hospital 6 times with profuse bleeding and contractions. Each time, I never hesitated to look like a stupid new mom! Because, in the end, I would rather be a careful, cautious, stupid new mom who did everything she could, than have something happen and always question if I should've done something more!!! I'm serious, you call me if you want to talk, cry, question...whatever!!!

Thomas and Jamie said...

Take this time to blog - haha, j/k!
Actually, take this time to relax. I know, it's hard when everything isn't perfect yet. This is the HEIGHT of when you want to nest and it's HORRIBLE not being able to. But, your nurse is right, you don't need to do ANYTHING but sit and relax. Make very short term goals for yourself. I usually set a goal of making it to each doctor's appointment (every Wednesday!)!! I also took the time to catch up on horrible daytime television...and watch WAY more episodes of "A Baby Story" than I care to remember!!! Let Evan take care of you. This will do a LOT for him in preparation for having a baby! I'm so sorry that this has happened, but I'm so glad you don't have long to go!!! I am visiting some friends in the hospital right now whose baby was born 2 months ago, 2 months preemie!! It could be SO much worse! Try to stay positive and take this time to focus on every kick, roll and hiccup! You will look back on this time with fondness!! Do you work? If so, what do you do?

Anonymous said...

Reading your blog reminds me so much of my pregnancy with Emily. I was hospitalized three times with her for preterm labor. I was on those yucky pills starting at 28 weeks. I was so worried about having her early, but the good Lord blessed me with a healthy, full term, 9 pound baby girl. Hang in there, and know that I am praying for you and baby Audrey each and every day. Take care of yourself and your beautiful baby!

With Love,

Thomas and Jamie said...

How blessed you are to be able to stay at home! I am NOT cut out for that!

My Dr. never released me from bedrest. I hit 36 weeks and went to my Wednesday appt. like I had been for the previous few weeks. (It was also Thomas' b-day) I was dilated to a 4 that Wednesday. The Dr. told me anything after that was icing on the cake, so I tried REALLY HARD to have Malachi on Thomas' b-day. (I thought that would've been neat!) I walked, bounced on a bouncy ball...etc. Nothing worked. Or at least I didn't think it did. Keep in mind, I was having contractions every 10 minutes, but they weren't hard and I wasn't feeling any pain...

Then, Thursday night, I felt like crap and didn't sleep at all. I woke up Friday morning, put on my make-up, did my hair, got dressed and called my Dr. I told them I just didn't FEEL right. I was HORRIBLY nauseous all night long and didn't sleep AT ALL! He told me to come in, checked me and told me I was a 5! He asked me if I wanted to know what my options were...and I told him "no, I want to meet my son..." He laughed and the rest was history!!! He broke my water at 1:45 and I had Malachi at 2:44 - no drugs...just 1 hour of 2-3 minute contractions, lots of breathing and 3 pushes!