Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Audrey Update!

Today was my 33 week visit and I am now going to the doctor every two weeks, soon it will be only one week. Well, these past two weeks I have been feeling a lot of pressure/cramping and figured I should tell the doctor. Since it is my first pregnancy I never know what is a big deal and what is just normal. But now I am so glad I mentioned my feelings to the doctor because after being checked she discovered that Audrey's head is lower than normal. She said this is fairly common but is definitely something to keep an eye on. Instead of going back at week 35, I am will be going every week from now on to be checked. I am hoping she will stay put for the next few weeks or so! :) Otherwise, everything is great, which is wonderful to hear!

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Thomas and Jamie said...


Don't stress!! I began contracting WAY earlier than where you are now and 33 weeks was a HUGE accomplishment for me to reach! You are doing great and God knows what He's doing!! He took care of me and gave me a BEAUTIFUL little boy after what was a HORRIBLE pregnancy!! We can't wait to meet sweet Audrey!!

BTW...a friend of mine told me that she knows Evan...Kelly Sewell...from Trinity - ring a bell? Apparently, Evan's mom was over Kelly when she taught Sunday School there?