Thursday, February 19, 2009

Audrey's Nursery!!

Here are the latest pictures of the nursery. There is still final touches that need to be made such as decor on the wall and the upholstered glider, but it is definitely coming together! I absolutely love her room and have moved a chair in there for the time being to sit and take it all in. It is my favorite place to be!

This is the view from the door
This is the corner where the chair will go!

A better look at the chandeliers!This is my secret knob that Evan put in to dim the chandelier lights! He has worked so hard on this nursery!

This picture does not do this branch justice. It definitely adds something to the room and is such a unique piece. I have decorated it with ornaments, some being sentimental.

Remember the table? I decorated the edges and am possibly going to paint an "A" on it, we'll see!

I love how this shade turned out! Sandra's idea of course!

Wall decor that is hopefully going up today!!

Crib with Canopy



Rachel said...

I LOVE the nursery. It is so classy and beautiful! The only thing that can make it more beautiful is Audrey in it! :)

The Lipman's said...

aaaaaaaaaaadorable! the chandeliers are my favorite part!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful!!! Take a picture of the entire crib so we can see bed skirt and everything ... also, what color will the glider be? Love it and I can't wait to see it in person :) It really is beautiful!!