Tuesday, December 29, 2009

New Bedding!

Evan and I have decided to use our christmas money to purchase new bedding. I want our bedroom to be funky/eclectic/semi-formal. I believe I know which bedding I'm going to go with but I thought I would poll the audience and see what the viewers think. :).... ( I do realize my taste may be very different for some of you)

I will post a poll off to the side.

Bedding Choice 1.) I believe this one is my favorite. When I was looking for choice #2 I ran across it and loved it. If I were to purchase this one, I would paint our bedroom to match the green on the border of the pillows. It also reminds me of a cute boutique in "Old Town Spring" - I would also include antique mirrors/ empty frames/ branches etc. What I also love about this one is it puts me out of my comfort zone and incorporates new colors into our home.

Bedding Choice 2.)
I like #2 for many of the same reasons as #1, but my only hang up is it looks very similar to our guest bedroom bedding and is a little safe for me.

Bedding Choice 3.)
This one is my least favorite, but I love this room and its decor!!... The bedding is a tad more modern then I would like, but paired with the color of the room and the decor - I'm sold! I wouldn't mind putting this set on a guest bed.


Randi said...

I like #1 and #2. They both are so different, but really cute in their own ways. :)

The Dubs said...

I LOVE the first one. I love the second one, too, but I just don't think it's right to do that much pink if a male is living in the same room. It looks too feminine. I do like the third one, but number one is my fav!! Fun!!!

Unknown said...

They are all cute but I personally prefer the third

The Lipman's said...

I LOVE #3 but they are all precious!

...which one did you end up with?!