Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Audrey's First ChristmasWith being out of town Dec. 19- 27th Evan and I decided to have our "own" family Christmas before we left on our journey across Texas. We discussed traditions we would like to continue each year such as letting our children open one gift on Christmas Eve.

Audrey's gift first gift was a pair of toy keys!

For dinner Evan and I had blue cheese burgers, chips, queso, guacamole, and grilled stuffed jalapenos.

Audrey's cookies for Santa
which he enjoyed thoroughly ;)

Audrey's goodies from Santa - Her big gift was a new car seat (not pictured)

Christmas morning!!

Stay tuned for more pictures from our Christmas in Dallas, Amarillo, and Lubbock. Yes, we did get stuck in the 287 traffic through Wichita Falls on Christmas Day, but thankfully it only took us 10 hours (normally 6) because we turned around and used our navigation system to bypass the city. It was awful!! Needless to say the car ride was pretty tense, but Evan did a great job and the Lord blessed us with safe travel to Dallas.

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