Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Miss Audrey - 2 months old!

Sweet Sweet Audrey!

This month you have come alive! You smile all the time and are constantly cooing and "talking" to us as you play. Your Gigi and I recently discussed how you are not a baby who likes to be cuddled. Your favorite place to be is laying on a blanket kicking your legs or on your playmat batting at your toys. Your waketime is getting much longer. You are up anywhere from 45 minutes - 1 hr and 15 minutes. Each week it seems to get a bit longer. Yesterday was your 2 month check up, you now weigh 11 lbs 4 oz - 75 percentile - Your head (can't remember the measurements) - 50 percentile - and your length (can't remember measurements) 50 perecentile. I'm going to have the nurse write them down for me next time! She went super fast! Which was a good thing when it came to your shots. During the shots, I put my hands on your chest but closed my eyes. I did not want to see your expression. In less than15 seconds it was over and I gave you your bottle. You had no waketime and went right to sleep !

Dr. Pope said your are "snack feeding" and that I need to increase my time between feedings to allow you to take in more. You are now taking in 3-4 oz at each feeding - He says babies at this time are taking in around 6 oz even as much as 8! I'm a little nervous because you are sleeping 8-9 hours at night, but it will be nice to go longer in between feedings - which means less pumping for momma! :)

With you apart our lives now, it makes every event so much more fun! I love going to the grocery store, seeing grandparents, going outside etc. I keep telling your dad how much fun summer is now! I feel like a kid again and am experiencing life all over. Sweet Audrey you are such a little love. You have made being a mom such a joy! Your dad and I love you more than words can express!

So far this summer, Gigi has come to visit for 4 days, you have gone to Dallas for 5 days, and attended Jennifer's Baby Shower for Annabelle. This weekend your great grandparents are coming to see you from Lubbock!

This is my friend Angie from college holding Audrey! She was such a big help during the shower! By the way, I have to brag on her, she has lost 38 pounds on Weight Watchers and looks incredible!!!

Audrey had a rough time during the shower. She doesn't do well with tons of stimulation and being passed around. :( This picture was taken after she had missed 2 naps and finally fell asleep in my arms. Poor girl! She had the cutest dress on but it was quickly removed when all the fussiness started. After the shower was over, Audrey went back to her old self!

Jennifer's Kindergarten team from Groves welcoming Annabelle!

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