Saturday, August 23, 2008

Strange Pains!

Early last week... I started to have horrible arm pit pain in my right arm pit. It felt as if I had pulled a muscle. It was very strange. I asked Evan to look it up and soon as he punched in "Arm Pit Pain Pregnant" tons of items popped up! I guess this isn't so rare after all. The pain went away after a few days and I was very thankful. A week from Tuesday is our first appointment!

I've noticed how emotional I am becoming. I got so frustrated at church the other morning that I had to step out into the hallway... I was in tears! I knew why, but others didn't. I feel so on edge and it is hard to calm my emotions down once they are stirred.

I haven't gotten sick but have become nauseas in the mornings and some throughout the day when I do not eat.

I am so excited to meet this baby. I have so many questions
  • I wonder if he/she will have black hair like Evan
  • Will they be tender hearted like me?
  • I wonder if he/she will be creative like Evan and have his passion for learning?
I am always asking Evan questions about the things he enjoyed as a child. Over the 4th of July holiday Evan's mom showed me him and his sisters clothes and blankets from when they were young. She even showed me the pictures of him in the same outfits!

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The Dubs said...

Arm pit pain, huh??? Lol! That's a new one for me! I can't wait to meet him/her too! I am getting VERY excited! I'm starting all these "Auntie Jen" plans in my head! I LOVE YOU!