Sunday, November 2, 2008

Girly Girl!

I'm dying to know the sex of our baby. It is killing me.

I keep having dreams about a girl and really wonder if this could be a sign. In my first dream I was decorating her room and couldn't quite get the curtains right. In the next dream Evan and I were getting a sonogram of the baby and the technician announced it was a girl!

I went to Canton, Texas (First Monday) this weekend and there were so many amazing things for little girls!

One vendor was "The Hollywood Ranch" -- another was -- I kept their business card just in case!:)


Anonymous said...

I'm glad I could make you laugh! Yes, please follow my blog and I will yours as well! How exciting that you will get to stay home with the baby! I'm home too and it is the best decision we ever made. Finances should be more stressful than they are but I know that any worry only comes from Satan. God has given us such a peace about me not working! Feel free to email me anytime you have any questions about pregnancy or motherhood. It is the best thing in the world! Congratulations!!

The Lipman's said...

when do you find out?!!!

Cydney said...

I don't want to influence you, but I have heard that if you dream about the sex, it's most likely what you will have. I can't say for sure because I didn't have any dreams about ours before we found out. I had dreams about other people's kids and dreams about mine, but I didn't dream about the gender at all. Before we found out, people told me to pay attention to my dreams because what I dreamed about is what I would have. Good luck!