Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Audrey is TWO!

I’m terrible at keeping our blog updated… I just get so busy… On April 7th Audrey turned TWO! It sounds so weird to say that I have a “two year old” now. She is precious and loads of fun! She talks constantly!!… I love hearing her sweet sentences and phrases. She says something new everyday!….

 Audrey_0016a Audrey_0059a Audrey_0066a Audrey_0074a Audrey_0112a Audrey_0178a Audrey_0184 Audrey_0206a Audrey_0208a Audrey_0266b Audrey_0457a Audrey_0512 Audrey_0526

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Julie Towal said...

These pictures of Audrey are adorable!! I can only imagine how busy you are with your two bundles of joy!