Friday, October 8, 2010

Harper’s Completed Nursery!

I love love love how her nursery turned out! We are going to purchase a large brown rug next month – that will really bring everything together…. :) So Fun! Enjoy! And make comments please.. those of you who still read. :(--- Thank you Sandra Ludy Interiors!


IMG_3220 IMG_3219


IMG_3208IMG_3206IMG_3209IMG_3210   IMG_3225 IMG_3217  IMG_3215IMG_3216IMG_3222  IMG_3227 IMG_3224


The Fenner's said...

I think that is one amazing nursery. She is a lucky little gal! I love everything about it. My husband was even looking at it and wanted to know how you got the branches to stay on the wall!;)

Amy said...

Harper's room is beautiful Nicole! Kevin was wondering too about the branches. Haha I just love the unique-ness of her room, from the color and pattern combinations, to the DIY projects you did... just wonderful! :)

The Fenner's said...

Oh I see the hooks now, so didn't see those before hand!

About the pictures, I also use a canon Rebel. The key is to get better lenses than the kit lense that it came with. I have a 50mm1.4. There is also a 50 mm 1.8 that is about $100. I also have a Tameron 28-75 lense, which is a bit more expensive. But you would see amazing differences if you got a better lense. Also, a good book is Understanding Exposure. I also took Photography in High school, so I had a little experience shooting in Manual! But once you get the hang of it, it's easy!

Karen said...

Wow Nicole I love it!!! You are so good with this stuff! Your creativity is so unique!! :) Now you're just missing you're sweet baby for the room!