Saturday, July 10, 2010

Harper’s Crib Bedding

*Those of you who are just blog readers the name we decided on is Harper Marie

I am thrilled to be designing another nursery. We will have one more room in our home decorated! I truly feel as though God used my experience with this bedding to show me that He cares about the details of our heart.

I had chosen another bedding that was bright and colorful and very different from Audrey's bedding. I liked it but I didn’t have much of a peace about buying it. After looking across the internet I discovered the majority of the sites were sold out of it. I talked to Evan to see if we could go ahead and order the bedding before our 20 week sonogram. He said he would really like to wait and I wanted to honor that though deep down I was worried about not getting the bedding I “thought” I wanted.


Two days before my scheduled sono Sandra and I went to Baby’s First Furniture. We wanted to browse while our husbands were shopping at Guitar Center. The first crib bedding we saw when we walked in the door was amazing! We both LOVED it! It was precious and seeing it in a nursery set up was even better! We kept on walking through out the store and the last crib we looked at had the bedding I was about to “buy”! I got to see it, feel it, and take it all in. It definitely wasn’t what I wanted. We walked back to the front of the store and decided the first crib bedding was it! I was thrilled and haven’t been able to stop thinking about it ever since. I don’t feel as though the pictures do it justice… but here it is!

harpers bedding

Through this experience I really felt as though the Lord knew there was something that I would like better and He wanted to bless us with that! Thank you Lord for knowing us better than we know ourselves and being a generous Father that blesses your children abundantly!


The Ehles said...

How funny!!! That is the bedding I had picked out for Brylee!! they have one similiar in green and brown for a boy. I ended up not getting it bc my sister gave me her baby bedding from her last child so I thought it wasn't necessary to get another one. soo glad you chose that one! I LOVE IT!!! Super cute!! Hope you are feeling well!

Randi said...

I love that bedding! My favorite color is yellow and I love how they made it so girly! Very cute! I can't wait to see pictures of your finished nursery.

And...I love the name! :)

The Lipman's said...

Absolutely LOVE the bedding and the name of your precious baby #2!