Monday, July 13, 2009

3 months old

I know I'm a little late but here is what Audrey is up to these days:

  • She is sleeping 10-11 hrs at night and has just recently progressed to a 4 hour schedule. (Babywise)

  • She is now taking 3 naps a day and is taking 4 5-8 1/2oz bottles of breastmilk a day.

  • She is still sleeping swaddled and I think I'm going to continue this for another month and see she can sleep unswaddled at 4 months. She is still waking herself up when she gets her arms out. I've heard the Miracle Blanket works wonders - any feedback? But, I honestly would love to dress her in cute jammies and have her not be swaddled. :) She is still sleeping in "sleep shirts" and we are still swaddling with hospital blankets.
  • Audrey is talking up a storm and smiling constantly. Evan and I love it! She is very interactive and such a sweet joy to be around.
  • She can roll from her stomach to her back. She is also rolling from her back to her side and will also use her feet to scoot across the floor when laying on her back.
  • Audrey will begin cereal at 4 months! I'm so excited!
  • She is not enjoying her carseat these days. Our trip to Dallas was a rough one, we even left super early in the morning. I am hoping she will grow out of this, soon.
Audrey attended her first wedding, went swimming and will take her first flight here in a couple of weeks.

I recently finished reading Babywise II, I highly recommend it! I even enjoyed it more then the first book.

We love you sweet Audrey! You are such a joy!


Kristin said...

Hey did you try this?

They weren't around when Jace was an infant, but Kade slept well in them... they come in pink and girly. I used to put him in a long sleeved onside and put Kade's arms out before I wrapped him up. Maybe that's a good transition. Have to agree... I LOVED the "gown" jammies and the zip-up ones. Good luck. She's so stinkin' cute... just want to kiss her little baby cheekies, and the bows, how precious. Ok, I think I need a girl, or need to get my girl fix with my nieces. ;o) Kristin

Kristin said...

oops... meant onesie, guess I can't type one-handed, while sipping coffee - or maybe I just speak first grade. hee hee

Ingrid_3Bs said...

Your babygirl is so cute! I've been scrolling through and smiling at all your photos. It goes by fast. Mine is now 10 and she's a cheerleading this season. We just went and had pictures done.

The Lipman's said...

I need an update on your precious baby girl! :) Hope that you are loving being a mommy!