Sunday, January 4, 2009

Things we do together instead of watching TV.....

Every time we get together with friends and family everyone always talks about the shows that they watch on TV. Well, for those of you who don't know Evan and I never watch TV. Which is funny because we have some really nice TVs that never get used. After the holidays I was thinking about our life at home and things we do together instead of watching TV. One of the big things we do together is sit outside. We love to do this especially when it is cold because we have a chiminea.
The following pictures were taken right before the holidays.

Evan with his beer

Me with my coffee

Fun nights of great conversation and laughs :)


Chrys and Mike said...

y'all are super cute. can't wait to be closer. (like in the same neighborhood closer!) :)



Rachel said...

I love this post! I hope that when sweet Audrey comes you can continue to hold on to these moments! :)

b said...

Just dropped in to say hello! Glad all is going well. Audrey's room is beautiful!

Tara James said...

Hi Nicole- thank you so much for your sweet blog cmt. Yes, I'm a HUGE believer in the power of prayer! And know it has made all the difference in our life. I'm SO excited for you and your little girl coming... they're the best thing ever!!!!