Monday, July 13, 2009

3 months old

I know I'm a little late but here is what Audrey is up to these days:

  • She is sleeping 10-11 hrs at night and has just recently progressed to a 4 hour schedule. (Babywise)

  • She is now taking 3 naps a day and is taking 4 5-8 1/2oz bottles of breastmilk a day.

  • She is still sleeping swaddled and I think I'm going to continue this for another month and see she can sleep unswaddled at 4 months. She is still waking herself up when she gets her arms out. I've heard the Miracle Blanket works wonders - any feedback? But, I honestly would love to dress her in cute jammies and have her not be swaddled. :) She is still sleeping in "sleep shirts" and we are still swaddling with hospital blankets.
  • Audrey is talking up a storm and smiling constantly. Evan and I love it! She is very interactive and such a sweet joy to be around.
  • She can roll from her stomach to her back. She is also rolling from her back to her side and will also use her feet to scoot across the floor when laying on her back.
  • Audrey will begin cereal at 4 months! I'm so excited!
  • She is not enjoying her carseat these days. Our trip to Dallas was a rough one, we even left super early in the morning. I am hoping she will grow out of this, soon.
Audrey attended her first wedding, went swimming and will take her first flight here in a couple of weeks.

I recently finished reading Babywise II, I highly recommend it! I even enjoyed it more then the first book.

We love you sweet Audrey! You are such a joy!


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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

These are a few of my favorite things....

Here are just some my favorites that I couldn't live without for the first 3 months....

1) Babywise - need I say more? Amazing book that has helped Audrey to sleep sleep sleep. She slept 8 1/2 hours for the first time at 5 weeks. After that milestone I was only getting up once a night to feed her. Since 2 months she has slept 8-10 hours a night and she is now working her way to 11 hrs. Some may have objections to putting your baby on a schedule, but it has made a world of difference in our house. I plan to continue on with Babywise 2, Todderwise, etc. I also believe that through this method Audrey has also become more independent and can play by herself for long periods of time. She is the happiest just laying down on her playmat or on just a blanket kicking her legs. She also can put herself to sleep now. I don't have to worry about rocking her, though sometimes I do it just so we can have that time together. For more help and info on using babywise check out :

2) The Happiest Baby on the Block DVD - and I stress DVD! I am not one for reading and feel that watching the DVD is more effective in understanding the methods and seeing them demonstrated. We watched this DVD the day we came home the hospital and have been using the methods ever since. The DVD demonstrates the 5 S's on how to soothe your baby. Evan and I tell all of our friends about this DVD and have even given it as a gift! It is a winner and has boosted this new mom's confidence completely! (This is where we also learned how to swaddle Audrey the correct way)

3) MAM Pacifiers - Audrey did not take a pacifier when we first got home from the hospital. So after about a month I tried again and she seemed to really like the "old fashioned" kind of pacifier, the one with the ring on the end. But, would only take it when she was content- not fussy. I really wanted to find a pacifier that she loved all the time. A friend told me that she had experienced the same problem and switched to the MAM pacifiers, after that her little girl was hooked. I tried it and sure enough - it worked! Audrey loves her pacifier and when she wakes up a little early in the morning before her waketime - I just give her back her pacifier and she goes right back to sleep, at times up to an hour or longer. (You can buy these at any grocery store or Target)

4) Ameda Purely Yours Breast Pump - As many of you know, Audrey was a tonguetied baby which made nursing very difficult. To get relief from the pain, I would pump. I had a lot of anxiety about going back to BF so I just stuck with pumping and I love it! It works with our schedule and gives me the freedom I love with the peace of mind that Audrey is getting the best milk possible! This is the breast pump that I got and love! There are multiple cycles and suctions so you are able to find the right one for you. It only takes me 10 min to pump and I am getting up to 12 oz!

5) Baby Gund Playmat - This is the mat Audrey plays on daily. I am able to change out the items that hang down by switching out the green hooks. Hours of fun!

6) Bumbo Seat - Audrey just got one of these this weekend. She enjoys it, but only for about 5 -10 minutes. Though she loves the new perspective, she gets frustrated when she can't move her legs back and forth like she is used to doing on the floor.

7) Animal Baby Magazine - I first heard about this magazine through my mentor teacher whose son got these in the mail. He enjoyed checking the mailbox to find himself a little surprise each month. This magazine is for kids and is more like a book. It is made of cardstock and has precious stories about animals and fun interactive activities for kids. I have began reading these magazines to Audrey and she actually sits still and looks at the pictures. I am so excited that she is already enjoying a good story! I am hoping to get a new subscription for Audrey for Christmas (This would make a great gift for any little one)

8) So Thats what They're For - This book is too funny! It gives a lighthearted approach to BF and shares mounds of information that you may not be able to get from just the BF class. This book really sparked my passion for BFing. I recommend this book if you are on the fence about BFing - It definitely opened my eyes!

Well, I hope this list helps! Please give me your feedback and feel free to share your ideas with me! I would love to add more to this list!